The Washington, Maryland, Delaware Service Station and Automotive Repair Association, (WMDA) was established in 1937 as a trade association serving independent business men and woman of service stations, repair facilities, convenience stores, and other related businesses. 

If you have a business in the automotive aftermarket, WMDA/CAR is for you. Membership provides you with the opportunity to meet others in the industry that have similar objectives and concerns. WMDA/CAR allows you to take full advantage of Endorsed programs, benefits, and services (described in detail on the Endorsed Programs page). WMDA/CAR “never sleeps”; we are always aggressively looking for additional and improved ways to serve you. Make an important investment in your business future. It is one of the best business decisions you will ever make.

Available Membership Options:

WMDA/CAR offers several categories of membership to suite your individual needs.

  • WMDA
  • CAR
  • Associate
  • Out of Area Affiliate

WMDA Membership

Definition of Membership: Owners or operators of service stations, convenience stores, repair facilities, service stations with bays; and tire dealers

The Association offers members advantages by developing and delivering Endorsed Programs designed to enhance profits and reduce costs; automotive and management educational training programs throughout the year for owners, managers and technicians; it offers an legislative voice on a local and national level to protect issues affecting the automotive industry.

For further information contact:

  (301) 390-0900, ext. 101

To apply for WMDA Membership online, Click Here.

For a PDF version of the WMDA Membership application, Click Here. alt

CAR Membership

Definition of Membership: Independent automotive repair shops and tire dealers

For more information about CAR membership, Click Here.

Associate Membership 

Definition of Membership: Suppliers who provide products and services to the Automotive Industry.

WMDA/CAR members rely on Associate members for their business needs. Learn how a WMDA/CAR Associate Membership will benefit your business by clicking here for more details.

For further information contact:
(301) 390-0900, ext. 101

To apply for Associate Membership online, Click Here.

For a PDF version of the Associate Membership application, Click Here alt .

Out of Area Affiliate Membership

Definition of MembershipOwners or operators of automotive repair facilities, and tire dealers outside of the Washington, Maryland and Delaware vicinity.

To apply online for an Out of Area Affiliate membership, Click Here.

Membership Dues Renewal

You can now pay your annual WMDA/CAR Membership dues online! All you need to do is login with your WMDA/CAR username and password, and follow the steps from there.

To make your WMDA / Associate dues renewal payment online, Click Here. 

To make your CAR dues renewal payment online, Click Here.

To make your Out of Area Affiliate dues renewal payment online, Click Here.