2018 Auto Repair Summit & Round Table
May 9, 2018
Typical conversations with repair shop owners brings up two main concerns time and time again:
  1. "I am having a hard time finding mechanics." This concern when I dig into to it deeper is about finding technicians that understand and can diagnose problems in today’s technology heavy automotive systems.  
  2. "My car count is down." This could be somewhat related to question one if you are turning away cars you can’t fix. There are many layers to this problem and to just name a few:  community involvement, promotions and advertising, customer data base and how it is used for customer follow up, how service was perceived, reminders postcards and many more.

The point is no repair facility is an island, they all have the same problems. Wouldn't it be great to discuss these problems and find out what is working and not working for other shops?

We all know the challenge our repair facilities face, whether it be stand alone or a 3-bay service station. The summit will bring together shop owner who all have the same needs but might have some different answers or ways of approaching those needs.

To help reach our goals for the summit, we are fortunate to have two speakers:  Kelly Schultz, Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulations (DLLR). The secretary will bring us up to date on programs the DLLR currently has to assist in training, tax credits and results DLLR has experienced.  Secretary Schultz will also talk about, and answer questions on the Maryland Healthy Family Act (including new sick leave laws) - it is a bill that affects every shop, regardless of how many employees.

Gary Smith has trained technicians for ASA, World PAC, and Auto Masters training and you will want to hear what he has to say. Gary is your ultimate geek on computers, scanners and all automotive electronics. There is one difference with Gary, he also has lived the life of a mechanic. Gary would like to share with you trends in technology and where the industry is going.

And Kirk McCauley, Director of Government Affairs, will give a run down of the relevant legislation that has been passed, debated and potentially upcoming after a very busy 2018 legislative session.

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