Course #214 Description - O2 Air Fuel Sensor & Catalytic Converter Diagnostics - Learn to pinpoint driveability and emission problems by looking at the O2 sensor’s output. Learn how to detect exhaust gas levels by looking at the O2 sensor’s waveforms. Compare the O2 signal to the computer’s fuel command to narrow down your search for the problem. Learn about the different types of catalytic converters including: pre-cats, two way, three way, dual bed and dual bed with supplemental air. How to test catalytic converters using many different methods and tools. Learn how to comply with government regulations when replacing catalytic converters. Bring your DVOM or DSO.
Class will be held at Hillmuth Automotive Columbia, 6810 Oak Hall Lane, Columbia, MD 21108 (410-381-1124). Food will be served at 5:30 p.m. Classes meet for 4 hours each day and begin at 6:00 p.m.
Cost is $199 per technician for two-day Training Course.

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Submit completed registration form to [email protected] or fax to (301) 390-3161.