PACs (political action committees) are formed in recognition of the fact that politics and government are inextricably intertwined.

The PAC is a legally established, acceptable device for making politically related expenditures. Why give to the WMDA/CAR PAC? A PAC for our industry allows association members to make modest, voluntary contributions. Those funds, when pooled together, help to make our industry’s political views known. It allows us to support lawmakers who support you.

It is illegal to use membership dues or association revenues for these political expenditures. Thus, a successful PAC is crucial for our legislative efforts.

WMDA/CAR's PAC is a statement that the retailers, the repair specialists, and the various sectors of our industry matter and want to have their say in state legislation.

It is crucial for the service station and the automotive repair industries to come together and speak in one voice. The failure to move together on legislative issues could put this industry on the defensive for years to come.

Your PAC contribution enables WMDA/CAR to keep your business, and you, in the forefront when legislation that could hurt your business is proposed.

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